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Envelope Calligraphy

making snail mail pretty again... one invitation at a time

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Carolyn + Henry

olivia + colin


alex + ross

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black + white


navy + gold

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dove grey

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vows books

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watercolor vows print

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hand lettered aisle runner


dreading the thought of addressing all your envelopes?

You don’t have that kind of time. You know you can pre-print them, but you get those oh-so-boring envelopes all year, and know they’re not the look you want for your wedding invitations.

That’s where I come in.

stand out amongst the bills

Whether you have custom invitations or have opted for a ready-made design, envelope calligraphy is the perfect way

Not getting married?

No problem. Envelope calligraphy is still perfect for event invitations, holiday cards, and client mailings, just to name a few!

Something here about this being a great way to jazz up invitations of all kinds, holiday cards, mailings, and more. Also a great way to give a high-end, custom feel to invitations that are ready-to-order.