wedding stationery guide


Need some help deciding what pieces you need for your wedding stationery? Use this quick guide to help you choose what will be the best fit for your vision! And know that this list is not intended to give every possible option, just enough to get you started, so if you saw something you loved somewhere, send me an email and we can chat about making it happen.


Custom Save the Date

save the dates

Save the Dates are the perfect way to both announce your engagement (if you're not having any sort of engagement celebration) and to let people know that you've set the date! They needn't be too complicated, just enough information to let your guests start to make their plans for attending your celebration. 



reply cards & envelopes

Reply cards are a great way to allow your guests to get involved in your big day. Use them to ask your guests' favorite beverages or song choices and you can wow them by including those at the reception! 

Reply cards can be sent with an envelope for your guests to return the card, or they can be sent without as long as you give your guests another way to get you the information quickly and easily.

Custom Reply Card



Custom Details Card

details Cards

Details cards are a great way to capture all of the little 'details' that are important for your wedding day. These could include your wedding website, where you're registered, the location of the reception, the schedule of events, and any other relevant info you'd like your guests to have. They are the perfect companion piece to your invitation!



invitations & envelopes

Invitations are the perfect way to let your personalities shine. By having a custom-designed invitation, you'll be sending your guests something extra special - something they'll only be able to describe as perfectly 'you'. 

Invitation envelopes are also a great way to carry through that special feel. Envelopes can be in almost any color and can be customized to coordinate with the styling of your invitations and wedding. 

Custom Wedding Invitation


Custom Envelope Liners

Custom Envelope Liners

envelope liners

Envelope liners are a great way to elevate the look of your wedding suite and make them truly unique. They are a great way to add a pop of color or a bit of pretty print.

They are available for all sizes of envelopes, so could be used with save the dates, reply cards, invitations, and thank you notes. 



rehearsal dinner invitations

Rehearsal dinner invitations are a great way to honor the host of this wedding eve celebration. Whether the host is your significant other's family, your family, your friends, or even just yourself, having an invitation specifically designed for it will help to make the host feel like a special part of your big day. 

Custom Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Custom Rehearsal Dinner Invitation


Wedding Image © Krystle Akin

Wedding Image © Krystle Akin

thank you cards & envelopes

Custom thank you cards are a great way to make use of your wedding photos while saying 'thanks' to all your wonderful family and friends. Choose one or more and you've got the perfect base for a card that will have your guests smiling and remembering your special day. 




Accessories are the best way to really personalize your wedding suite and make it stand out! 

There are so many ways to achieve this including custom maps, wax seals, vow books, and ribbons, just to name a few. Since there are so many possibilities, I won't go into too much detail here, but when you proceed with an inquiry will get more information from you and be able to suggest some options that will be perfect for your wedding! 


Custom Wood Bar Sign




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