Save the Dates: These should be mailed anywhere from 6-8 months before the wedding and normally take about 1-2 months to design and print. 

Invitations: Please be aware that wedding invitations are usually mailed 6-8 weeks before your wedding or special event. Since the brainstorming and design process can last up to three months, it is ideal to get started as soon as possible - five months in advance (to allow for revisions and printing) is recommended. 

Envelope Addressing: While this one is somewhat dependent on the number of envelopes you need, a good rule of thumb is that envelope addressing projects take about 2-3 weeks from the date I receive your final mailing list.

Signage/Day-of Pieces: Signage and day-of pieces will vary greatly in the amount of time needed to complete them. For example, place cards may take a few weeks, while wood signage or maps may take up to a couple of months. 

Art Prints: The typical art print will take about 2-4 weeks to complete and print. Shipping time is on tope of that, and typically takes about 2 days - 1 week or so for US domestic shipments. Longer production times may be necessary for large scale pieces or those using non-standard materials. 

Digital Calligraphy: Typical digital calligraphy work will take 2-4 weeks to complete.

For more information or to discuss your piece, please contact me: alex@alexandraem.com