meet alex


Hey there! I'm Alex. 

I run alexandra em. lettering + design - a boutique lettering + design studio specializing in weddings and events.

We're a one-woman, two-dog studio based in Dallas, TX, and would love to work with you on your next project!

Please drop me a line at anytime. You can also say hello via my contact page or Instagram: @byalexandraem.  

Here's a few things you might not know about me... 

Iowa Raised.jpg

I was born in Nebraska, but raised in the middle of the midwest...Iowa. We're really the Hawkeye state, but over the years we've also been known as Ohio, Idaho, or some combination thereof. My personal favorite is Idawhio! 

Dallas Based.jpg

In January 2016, I made the move to Dallas and have loved every second! I spent almost all of my life in the Midwest prior to that and figured about 30 years of cold winters and snow was more than enough! I'm currently living in my sixth state... Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Virginia, and now Texas! 

Dog Mama.jpg

Who runs the world?! These two! Our pups are Breega, a 5 year old mix of many distinguished breeds and our little old lady Tess is an 11 year old Shiba Inu. They are mostly amazing, occasionally willful, and always make me smile! You can generally find them asleep on one of the many beds, couches, pillows, and rugs in our loft. 


Much to my surprise, I found my better half upon moving to Texas! He is my favorite human, my love, and my best friend. It also doesn't hurt that he shares my love of sugar and dogs!  

Travel Bug.jpg

I love to travel, and am always looking forward to my next trip! I once spent 3 months wandering Europe and had the trip of a lifetime. My current favorite cities are Edinburgh, Scotland and Venice, Italy! If you have suggestions on places to go, I would love to here them! 

Letter Lover.jpg

I started lettering about 5 years ago, took a break, and have now been back at it for a couple of years. It's one of my absolute favorite things to do, anytime, any place. No napkin, paper towel, piece of paper, or envelope is safe! Check out my resources page for some of my favorite lettering supplies!